Aoto-ya Blue Door: Homemade-style Japanese Eats!

Following my most recent vist to Hansik Korean, I finally had the chance to visit Aoto-ya Blue Door. Annnd, I’ll say that it’s another awesome place to eat at in the neighbourhood. Also, if you haven’t heard, Blue Door was established by the same owner as Tenhachi. After Tenhachi closed, Blue Door opened shortly after on Victoria Drive, and I’m loving the new location since it’s so much closer! The restaurant itself is small with minimal deco, but it’s very neat and tidy, and gives off a home-style feeling.

Looking at the menu and the specials on the wall, there were quite a bit of options. I felt like eating something Continue reading


Hansik Korean: That Yummy Homemade Taste

Hansik Korean Restaurant. Based on my dining experience at the restaurant a couple days ago, I am definitely coming to eat here more often! Where do I start. The food of course.

There were 3 banchan that came: the nappa cabbage type kimchee, sweet potato cubes, and pickled daikon chunky sticks. I liked their kimchee a lot! It tasted refreshing and the flavours were crisp.
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