Well Tea: Taiwanese Style Cafe!


Big News! Well Tea now accepts Interact hahah. That was the only reason that stopped me from dining here the first time because I didn’t have any cash on hand (and was too lazy to head to the nearest ATM). On a general note, you’ll find that most restaurants in Richmond are cash only so come prepared!

Anyways, we decided to grab a late night dinner/snack at Well Tea. This was after a couple hours of intense rounds of badminton. Phew, it really hit the spot.

I was craving the Taiwanese style deep fried crispy chicken nuggets, so that’s what I got! They actually have two kinds of the chicken nuggets: regular and spicy.  Comparing the two, I prefer the “spicy” version.

The spicy was not spicy at all and has more flavour than the regular version. The waitress said the chicken meat itself was marinated in the spicy sauce, which might be why.

The regular one was a bit bland and tasted like plain deep fry. I was expecting basil, or some other seasoning. With that said, my recommendation goes to the spicy one. You’ll taste just a teeny tiny hint of spicy :)


The item I ordered was a set meal so it came with plain white rice and a couple of side veggies. Standard variety of sides here: cooked greens (yu-choi), kelp seaweed, and napa cabbage.

For drinks, I ordered a peach black tea that was sweet and refreshing. You can’t really go wrong with a simple drink like flavoured black or green tea. The sweetness was perfect for my taste buds. But if you can’t handle sugar well, I recommend getting your drink half sweet as a benchmark for the next visit.

It’s nice how they have various options for customizing the level of sweetness in your drink. I also recommend going with the fresh fruit/real milk options whenever possible because it tastes better.

Until next time <3 share some happy eats!

Well Tea \uc0\u33590 \u20117  on Urbanspoon

Side note, the place does have a lingering scent of smoke/cigarettes. So if you’re sensitive to that small, I do not recommend dining here. It was barely noticeable so I didn’t mind.

Yuu Japanese Tapas!


I was looking for Japanese food in Richmond and ended up coming here. There were multiple contenders on the list, and Yuu Japanese Tapas beat the rest with their visually appealing food photos on Urbanspoon.

Their menu had a nice variety of food to order that ranged from deep fried appies, to ramen, curry dishes, and to tasty looking desserts. If only I had a bigger stomach… omnomnomm! Continue reading

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka: A definite must-try ramen shop


Hokkaido Ramen Santouka is the most popular ramen joint in Vancouver; you usually see a massive line out their door while passing by on Robson during dinner. G and I were shopping on Robson, met up with J, and were looking to grab a pre-dinner bite somewhere close-by. Luckily, Santouka wasn’t packed yet and we were seated immediately, yay!

At Santouka, there are 4 soup different soup bases: shio, shoyu, miso, and kara miso. The first three are the most commom and can be found at any ramen establishment, but each can also Continue reading

Aoto-ya Blue Door: Homemade-style Japanese Eats!


Following my most recent vist to Hansik Korean, I finally had the chance to visit Aoto-ya Blue Door. Annnd, I’ll say that it’s another awesome place to eat at in the neighbourhood. Also, if you haven’t heard, Blue Door was established by the same owner as Tenhachi. After Tenhachi closed, Blue Door opened shortly after on Victoria Drive, and I’m loving the new location since it’s so much closer! The restaurant itself is small with minimal deco, but it’s very neat and tidy, and gives off a home-style feeling.

Looking at the menu and the specials on the wall, there were quite a bit of options. I felt like eating something Continue reading

Hansik Korean: That Yummy Homemade Taste


Hansik Korean Restaurant. Based on my dining experience at the restaurant a couple days ago, I am definitely coming to eat here more often! Where do I start. The food of course.

There were 3 banchan that came: the nappa cabbage type kimchee, sweet potato cubes, and pickled daikon chunky sticks. I liked their kimchee a lot! It tasted refreshing and the flavours were crisp.
Continue reading

Soho Tea Room: Sweet Snacks!


Before Soho Teahouse, we ate at a friend’s major-meat-filled BBQ at Stanley Park and so, we only intended to order drinks. Soho has an expansive list of drinks to choose from, AND you can also create your own drink aka DIY bubble tea with an option of spiking it up! It’s the only bbt joint I know of in Vancouver that offers this; I have yet to try it!

Here is one of the special bubble tea that Soho serves, called “Tinkerbell” :)
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Golden Swan: Early Bird Dim-sum!


Golden Swan is the largest Chinese seafood restaurant on Victoria Drive. We usually head down to Western Lake for our morning dim sum but this weekend, we visited Golden Swan. It was mainly for the sake of avoiding a long wait-time! And since we haven’t visited in awhile, I wanted to compare the food, prices, and overall dining experience.
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Nuba: Healthy, Fresh, Lebanese food fills you up!

chicken tawook

A Saturday lunch with my besties at Nuba at the gastown location~ We made reservations at Nuba the day before because we were afraid of it being a full-house… like the last time we wanted to go here for dinner but couldn’t wait! Anyways, it was basically empty when we arrived probably because we came so early. Nuba opens at 12!

We heard beforehand that the portions are small, although very very delicious, so we came here expecting that as well. On the contrary, we found that the portions were large for lunch and quite Continue reading