Review: Sushi Oyama

Yayyys, my first food review!

This past Saturday, I had the chance to eat at Sushi Oyama for a dinner gathering with friends. The restaurant is pretty cool; it’s actually a house! You’ll see good taste in deco upon entry. We were a party of eight, so we made reservations to be sure; it turns out that they reserved us a private room! It was very nicely decorated, and the room also had a balcony that overlooked the main entrance; you could step out onto it too. It’s great for more privacy, if you’re looking for that.

The menu has what you would normally find at Japanese restaurants. However, we came here to target the specialty rolls!

We ordered (I think): Las Vegas Roll, Oyama Roll, Rainbow Roll, Red Dragon, Mangodise, Red Roll x2, Chicken Karage (6pcs) x3, Tempura? Udon combo, Salmon combo?, and Oyama sashimi boat (medium/36pcs).

The Las Vegas Roll was super good. It’s deep fried, but super smooth and creamy inside. I don’t remember what’s in it; probably some cream cheese and other good-tasting stuff. It was so good, that I just don’t remember what’s inside. This is the first deep fried roll I’ve had, but I would recommend it. It’s a must try.

The Oyama Roll was also very good. If I remember, I think it was salmon and avocado inside with two different What I mean is that one half was rolled in wasabi tobiko and the other half was rolled in black sesame. Both were topped with ikura. Yum!

The Rainbow Roll was the roll I got to chose! It was yummm. It had tamago on the inside, and on the outside, there was avocado with tuna, salmon, tai, tako, and ebi on top. It was arranged in a rainbow curve too! <3 I like that there’s a variety of toppings on this roll. I’d be happy with eating this roll by myself. =w=

Now, the Red Dragon roll was mighty. It was a very good roll. I know it had deep fried shrimp inside (aka prawn tempura), and I think the top was wrapped with salmon and topped with masago and tobiko, and then drizzled with a mayo-type and a teri-type sauce. This is a must try too.

The Mangodise roll was good.Β  It had crab, mango?, and cucumber inside the roll, with ebi on top, and drizzled with what I assumed was a mango mayo type sauce. I couldn’t see any mango.. or maybe it was just my piece. I feel that this roll has room for improvement, but it was good.

The Red Roll was so simple, yet very good. It had chopped scallop with cucumbers on the inside, and was topped with spicy tuna. Chopped scallop + spicy tuna = <333 This is a must-order basic roll (though it was under special rolls).

We also ordered some chicken karage. It was good. The skin was crisp and it wasn’t too oily or salty either. We ordered a lot of rolls so this was a nice break from rice/fish/etc texture. (I forgot to take a picture of them. I thought I did..)

Someone also ordered a tempure udon combo, i think, and a sashimi/sushi combo. I didn’t get to try this, but it looked good.

And, we also ordered a medium sashimi boat (bridge) with 36 pieces. I’m not a sashimi expert, but I’d say that it was quite good, and fresh. I think I can tell you what was in it: salmon (I wonder why it’s not called sake. None of the other items are translated…), tuna (toro), tuna (maguro), hokkigai (surf clam), tako (octopus), amaebi (raw prawn), the one with sort of translucent flesh and red trimming (hamachi), the white-fleshed one (tai). They came in a pretty bridge boat thing and with tons of shredded daikon. The amaebi, tai, and salmon, were on the small side, but that’s okay. Some spicy sashimi would have been nice too.

The only mishap was that they forgot to bring tea, but that was probably because we were in a private room, on the second floor, and it was almost full when we came. After we placed our orders, everything came out at almost one after another; we had everything on our table before we started eating. The waiters were very polite as well.

Overall, I enjoyed this experience at Sushi Oyama and would definitely come back to this restaurant. The Las Vegas Roll and the Red Dragon were my fave rolls unique to this restaurant (to the best of my experience). And the rainbow roll of course! The ambiance at this restaurant is wonderful. The food presentation looks good, and it tastes great as well!

Oh! They also have desserts, but we didn’t get the chance to try them. Maybe next time!

I’ll initially set Sushi Oyama at 4/5 berries. It’s going to be relative.

More pics below.

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Sushi Oyama on Urbanspoon (So that you can find the food review!)

Oh! And I took the pictures of the outside of the restaurant, staircase, and private room after we finished. I forgot about it at the beginning.

Hope you enjoyed my first food post!

<3 nana-chan

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