Review: Stepho’s Souvlaki Greek Taverna

Hellos! (that’s plural jsyk. word. LOL) Here’s my 3rd food review! A couple of my friends and I went to Stepho’s Souvlaki Greek Taverna to  try the food out! We heard good things about it: great portions and yum for your dollars. I also wanted to check out if the line is as long as people say.

DO expect a long line at the usual dining times. We knew this and yet we still went during prime-time. It was probably about a 45 minutes to an hour or so wait, but it didn’t seem that long. It won’t be if you’re with friends! :) It helps that Stepho’s has an outdoor heater installed above where you’re standing (..if you’re close to the entrance)!

We were a party of four, and we each ordered different dishes: roast lamb meat platter, lamb chops meat platter, mousaka casserole, and kalamaria seafood dinner. We get to have a bit of each dish! Hehe. According to other blogs I read prior to our Stepho’s visit, I perceived the roast lamb meat platter to be the most popular dish. I think we all pretty much wanted to order this, but it would be pointless for everyone to order the same thing.

Jelliebeans ordered the roast lamb meat platter. It came with a fair piece of lamb (with bone in), rice pilaf, veggie briami, and greek salad. I haven’t eaten enough lamb to judge lamb, but it was good! It was tender, moist, soft, and mmmm.. I don’t remember what the flavour was, but the texture was great. Plus, it was easy to get off the bone. Veggie briami is a kind of stewed vegetable. The greek salad is just okay. The rice pilaf…I thought it was bad, compared to my fave japanese rice. It was okay I guess, but sort of hard or dry. Oh right! it also came with lemon/herb roast potatoes. These were good potatoes, but not as fluffly as I like.

I ordered the mousaka casserole and it was big. It sort of looks like shepard’s pie. I liked this dish alot <3. The top white layer of mashed potatoes were very fluffy and creamy! Yumm. And there was some crispy stuff on top… maybe the toasted part of mashed potatoes? The next red layer consisted of ground beef, tomatoes and sauce, egglant, and sliced potatoes. I really really enjoyed this dish. This stuff was super to put on the flat, but fluffy, bread that every dish comes with! This mousaka has a very heavy and rich taste. <3 My order came with house salad too. It was a nice contrast to the mousaka because it had a light and tangy taste.

Gummiebears ordered the lamb chops meat platter, and I remember the taste vividly *o*. It had a very nice charbroiled taste. It was like bam! in your mouth and the meat sort of felt like it melted(?). That’s a good thing. It was sort of chewy, but maybe that was the result of being medium cooked? I don’t know the effects of the different degrees of, um, meat-cooking. This dish also came with the stuff that the other lamb dish came with.

lOllipops ordered the kalamaria seafood platter. There was so much fried squid! Practically the whole plate was covered. They were small pieces, very nice and crispy, not too bland or too salty, and it didn’t tasted too oily. It came with tzatziki dip, and the workings of two lamb dishes.

And that wraps it up for this post! I give 3.5/5 berries for service and 4/5 berries for food. Thanks for reading!

<3 Nana

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4 thoughts on “Review: Stepho’s Souvlaki Greek Taverna

  1. I was actually planning on going to this restaurant a number of times, seems like a good place! The whole “berries” thing you have here is adorkable, also.


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