Review: Congee Noodle House

Heyo! Sooo, Congee Noodle House! I’ve been here quite a few times, but this will be my first time blogging about it. It’s a casual eats place, decent food for a decent price.

Party of 9: 4 adults, 2 inbetween, and 3 teeny kids. Dinner at 5:30pm. 

It was still early at 5pm, so there was not much people. By the end, it was pretty full.

We ordered a four dishes dinner set “sei wo choi” along with two separate “a la carte” dishes. In the four dishes set we could choose any four items listed on the sets menu sheet. We chose: Chinese broccoli with beef, sweet peas and celery with prawns and scallop, sweet and sour pork steak, and mapo tofu. The set dinners come with a starter soup, a bucket of rice, a 1/2 order of BBQ duck, and dessert soup! The two separate dishes we ordered were Honeymoon rice and a 1/2 order of soy chicken.


I took this photo after everyone was served one bowl of soup; that’s 6 bowls. So, I think that makes it big bowl of soup. It was “sa got” and pork bone soup. It was good, and I would’ve had a second serving, but it was a bit too salty for my tastes.

Chinese broccoli with beef:

This is a standard dish. A restaurant has to get this right. The broccoli was young and fresh, it was sweet not bitter, and had a crunch to it. The beef makes it pretty. It tasted good with the garlic.

Sweet peas and celery with prawns and scallops:

It was okay. Since this dish had prawns and scallops in it, the portion they served was a bit smaller compared to the rest. (Note: some had already been scooped out when I took the pic haha.)

Sweet and sour pork steak:

I love this dish! It’s so yum!! The pork is like mini steaks! The sauce is sweet~ So good. Mmmm. This was my fave dish of the night.

Soy Chicken:

The soy chicken was really good. I thought it was a bit salty, but it was soft and moist. The onion and ginger sauce was realllllly good though. I liked it better than the chicken haha. Lot’s of green onions, and just the right amount of oil. The skin was really good too! Very smooth and yum.

BBQ duck:

I was expecting this to be just okay, but it actually tasted really good. This is my second fave dish of the night! Sometimes with duck, it’s either too salty or not salty enough. This one had just enough flavour, and you could taste it in the meat! The skin wasn’t fat, and was crispy. Very nice.

Mapo tofu:

This dish was just okay. The tofu itself tasted plain even when there was sauce smothering it. The tofu was soft. The sauce was good, maybe a bit salty. I could see that there was mustard tuber, ground pork, diced peppers, and onions in the sauce.

I was surprised I could taste the difference between the sauce and the tofu, so I’m guessing that the sauce was poured on top of the tofu, instead of being cooked with it. Later into the dinner, I had some tofu again and it tasted like the sauce. It’s good that they serve it fresh!

Honeymoon rice:

I’ll like this dish no matter what (and maybe where)! It was just okay this time around. The flavours of the white cream sauce and the red tomato sauce didn’t contrast enough though.

I don’t know why it’s called honeymoon rice when it’s called “yin yang chow fan” in Chinese. “Yin yang” is the black and white circle thing that is made up of  two inverted raindrops shapes. Does anyone know the history of it?

Red bean dessert:

Dessert is my fave part of the meal. I love desserts! The red bean soup was simple. It had lots of red beans and a hint of the orange peel stuff. It was just the right sweetness, pasty too. I would’ve liked it even more if they added some pearl barley, tapioca, etc but it was satisfying.

I think I’ll give berry ratings from now on with a little summary:

4/5 berries for food and 4/5 berries for service. Everyone was happy at the end of the meal, service was quick, found parking easily (5pm!) The bill came to be around $95 before tips.

Tip: Go early for parking behind the restaurant.

<3 Nana~

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