Review: Suika Snack Bar

Hiya! Today’s post will be on Suika! It’s is a Japanese izakaya-style restaurant. It’s going to be a pic-intensive post! Hehe.

A little story: An authentic izakaya, one in Japan, is mainly a drinking establishment that serves food to accompany the drinks! It’s very casual, and popular as a place for after-work drinking. Here however, izakaya has the rep of serving modern Japanese “tapas” style food. Also, most people come to izakaya for the food and not so much the drinks. Izakaya here is also comparably more up-scale and more expensive than what it is in Japan!

The decor at Suika is nice and modern. They have this cool light fixture made of glass bottles! The storage of wine bottles is creative too!

Walk-in party of four. Dinner at 6:30.

I recommend getting reservations, no matter the size of your party. I think we were lucky to  have gotten seats when we didn’t even reserve; though, we only got seating for half an hour. It ended up being slightly more than that, so it was nice they didn’t kick us out, though I doubt any restaurant would do that. It seemed they had a big reservation coming later.

We didn’t have much time, so we quickly ordered some things off the regular menu as well as the fresh sheet: Amaebi, 2 Delux Box, 4 Oysters, Tuna Avocado, Aburi Saba Sashimi, Asari Yaki Udon, Winter Creme Brulee, Matcha Brulee.

Kimchi Amaebi: “Kimchi marinated sweet shrimp sashimi”

The amaebi came first; it is raw prawn. I really liked this. The prawn was fresh, smooth, and creamy. The sauce on it was a bit tangy, citrus-y, and chilli-y; it was a good balance to the creamy-textured prawn. Too bad we only ordered 5 pieces.

Oh! that’s right! We also got our prawn heads fried after we ate the raw body of it. I didn’t try it, but my friends said it was good.

//It tasted like a crispy, spiny shrimp chip. The legs are sharp so be sure to eat around them. The heads itself were nicely deep fried. Make sure to not suck all the good stuff from the heads and let the waitress know you want them fried before she takes them away.//

Deluxe “Suika” Box: “Deluxe appetizer box (nine kinds). It’s like a jewelry box…gorgeous!”

The 2 Suika Deluxe Boxes were an assortment of 9 different dishes I believe, like samplers. This is good to share between two people. The waitress told us what each item was, but we forgot.

1. Mackerel. Or some type of fish that looks like mackeral to me. I’m not sure if this was raw or cooked, but it was good. A bit salty, but good. I liked the sauce it was in.

//Yes, I believe it was seared mackerel. I think they used the same dressing as they did for the Aburi “Shime-Saba” sushi we also ordered.//

2. Eggplant. Quite good. I think it was in a soy-based sauce.




3. Pork/chicken/tuna? It tasted okay. Light tasting, soft texture. I think it was pork.

//Nope, I think this was tuna tataki, and my favorite of the box. The vinaigrette was so good, I ate all the vegges that were covered in it too.//


4. Tuna/chicken/pork? Okay taste. Light, and soft too. Tuna probably.

//Chicken. It reminded me of Hainanese chicken for some reason…//


5. Tofu! Very soft, good sauce too.




6. Lotus root! It’s okay.




7. Toast with crab spread. The spread was too salty for my tastes, creamy though.




8. Marinated veggies. I think it was chard and/or lettuce. Refreshing.




9. Octopus? Forgot to take a pic for this dish. It was soft, a little chewy. Nicely marinated.

//I don’t remember there being octopus…or maybe my memory’s just bad lol. If we weren’t in a hurry I think we could’ve appreciated what was in the “jewelry box” more. Though some items were really good, most of them were “meh”.//

Raw Oysters:

The raw oysters were fresh. Forget which kind they were, but they were from the fresh sheet. It had a nice light sauce on them. I thought that they had a slight after-taste to them. Not the best I’ve had, but good. Slurp!

Tuna Avocado:

The tuna avocado was disappointing. The tuna and avocado was very fresh, but the taste and presentation was very bleh. The black sesame sauce did not have an effect.

Abura Saba Sushi:

I loved the abura saba sashimi the most! Not including the desserts. The fish was very good! Fresh, and rich-tasting. Mmmm, I think I could eat this by myself! This is a must try!

Asari Yaki Udon:

I loved the asari yaki udon too! This is one of the most delish yaki udons I’ve ever eaten. The  udon was very soft and had lots of taste. The clams were good too. Yumm!

Winter Creme Brulee! & Matcha Creme Brulee! 

SO GOOD. They were both SO GOOD. Mmmmmmmmmm. I love the crispy tops of the brulee. The whip and sorbet with brulee was heavenly. So sad, we only got about a bite each. Haha, I could eat both all by myself! Definitely, the best way to end a meal.

Suika also gives frozen grapes at the end of your meal. There was five haha.

4.5/5 berries to food and 4/5 berries to service: I really like how Japanese-run restaurants welcome and thank guests so lively when they enter and leave! It makes the atmosphere feel more friendly!

How was the number of pics? Overload/just right/less please?

<3 Nana

Hope you like this review!

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