Review: Kyo Korean BBQ & Sushi House

I think a story will be too long, so I’ll get straight to it. Kyo Korean BBQ & Sushi House is almost exactly like its former Shabusen, with the exception of some newer interior deco, an increased price, and some new items on their menu.

**Summary: I would not go here again for dinner. Lunch however, I would consider. If you do decide to go here for dinner, and with a party of 10 or greater, expect to pay at least $30. Expect poor service so you will be less disappointed?**

Party of 12. 6pm.

The food Kyo serves is basically the same as Shabusen. I, nor could anyone else I think, taste the difference between the Shabusen versus Kyo menu. Though some new things have been added, they felt minor.

I couldn’t really tell the difference between which meats were lamb and which weren’t. The meats for BBQ were just okay. The so-called ribs were disappointing; the bone to meat ratio was off. I recall the spicy pork I had before at Shabusen, and I believe they were better than the ones at Kyo. Generally, I found the meats to be more fatty.

The addition of scallop cones was nice though. However, Kyo went skimpy on our orders. Even on our first order, Kyo cut back on the scallop and spicy scallop cones we ordered! This was a huge disappoint. We love scallop cones! /sadface/

Kyo added eggplant and mushrooms to the BBQ as well, but who cares about the veggies right. They didn’t have any flavour, or were any sauces provided. Normally, I like eggplant and mushrooms a lot.

Prawns and mussels were also added to the BBQ menu. They weren’t as popular as I thought they would be. The prawn shells seemed to stick to the flesh, difficult to peel off. The mussels were mussels I guess!

Pictured is the tako sunomono.

The first thing I tried was the ebi sunomono. Oh wait, this isn’t going to be positive. Oops! The sunomono vinegar was not nearly sour enough! It was too watered down. I was expecting the sour, cold, refreshing taste of sunomono.

The next thing I tried was the gomae, which is spinach with white sesame sauce. This was good. Very simple, but good. It would’ve been even better if Kyo didn’t miss my order of gomae on the second round.

I didn’t have any miso soup, but I think it was alright.

There was also this new nigiri sushi. I don’t know what it’s called but it is slightly BBQ’d salmon with a soy-type sauce. This was surprisingly good. I’m guessing that it was torched, otherwise the piece of salmon wouldn’t fit so nicely on top of the rice.

It was cool to see that Kyo had both beef sashimi and tuna tataki on their menu, and we got both to try. The beef sashimi was pretty okay. The beef was pretty good, but the sauce  did not have enough of the ponzu/vinegar taste. The tuna tataki was way off in terms of being tataki; it was like fully cooked tuna. But it tasted good.

I always look forward to sweets after a meal. Kyo ran out of mango pudding. /sadface/ So, we got jello instead. It was hard, but it was okay.

The bill came to $30 per person. This was ?!?!?! It was a $23.99 dinner that came to $30.47 at the end. For this much, I can definitely find a better dinner option.

As it turns out, there’s a mandatory 15% gratuity on parties of 10 or more. I can respect this if decent service is provided. But Kyo didn’t really… On the first order, the service was pretty good, but on the second, it was horrible.

Sooo, we were sitting at the table, waiting for the gomae/sunomono/scallop cones/others to come when suddenly this BOSS woman comes up to the table and says our time is up. That was just rude I thought. She didn’t even dress in waitress clothing, which is why I called her boss woman. Yeah, I thought her tone was sort of rude. Especially when the our server/waiter said we had until 8:50pm.

3/5 berries for food and 2/5 berries for service: Overall, Kyo was just okay. Okay food, outrageous price for the quality of food, service was lacking for second order, skimpy on fave items.

<3 Nana (Hope you find this very helpful!!)

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4 thoughts on “Review: Kyo Korean BBQ & Sushi House

  1. I went to the downtown granville shabusen for lunch about a week later, and the experience was far more enjoyable. I really don’t have the money for all this!


    1. Mhmm! I’ve also been to the downtown Shabusen before! Thinking back, I think the experience was much better too. We got to sit in boats! Boatsss weeee ;D


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