Review: Bino’s Restaurant

Just finished a couple hours ago!  I was invited by my friend to have brunch at Bino’s Restaurant on Kingsway and 41st~ I had never been there before today, but I had heard of it’s cheap eats.

Brunch. Party of 8. 10:30 am.

There were a lot of options, and I wasn’t really sure what to order. Normally, I would always go for the sweet things, but I didn’t really feel like pancakes or waffles today. Bino’s is known for their breakfast special, which was popular amongst our party.

Clubhouse Sandwich: 3-layer sandwich with a side of fries

This was under the lunch menu, but oh wellz! Hehe.

The clubhouse sandwich had tomato and bacon in one of the layers, turkey in the middle layer, and lettuce(or cabbage?) with mayo in another layer. There was the option of whole wheat or white bread too, so I chose WW. The sandwich was pretty good! It came with fries too, which made the whole thing pretty filling.

I think it was $7.95 but I don’t really remember. I ended up paying almost $9, which was okay.

Breakfast Special: 2 eggs, choice of ham/bacon/sausages, and pancakes/(toast & hashbrowns)

Lol, I just noticed that there’s no such thing as “bacons“?

Half of the group ordered breakfast specials I think! It’s cool that you can choose what you want. I think it was $4.75something? so it’s a pretty good deal.

Someone had a steak breakfast too.

French Toast: bread dipped in egg? ^o^

This looked yummy and fluffy! It’s one of my fave snack items to make at home! <3

Waffles: are waffles?

This looked just okay. I would’ve put lots and lots of whip on it if I ordered it hehe!  <3 Supercreamfluff whip ftw!

3/5 berries for food and 3.5/5 berries for service: The food is average, nothing special, but it does its job. The waitress was good about asking for coffee refills; I remember that she came by a few times. Oh! And if you order coffee here, I think there are free refills.

It was great meeting new people today!

<3 Nana

Happy new years!

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