Review: Kimono Japanese Restaurant

This past Monday, I got the chance to eat lunch at Kimono Japanese Restaurant because it was the closest restaurant from we were! A few weeks prior, I passed by the restaurant as I was heading home and I was interested to try their food too. My first thought was that it’s really secluded. It’s literally right in front of the southbound Waterfront Station!

Group of 5. Around 2:30pm.

Pretty spacious, nice decor, clean, comfortable. There was only one other table occupied when we arrived… and the same table, but with different people, when we left. LOL

Pork Ramen $7.95

JY: Kintaro’s ramen is better.

Sapporo Miso Ramen $7.95

HL: More kimchi please!

Toro Nigiri Sushi $1.50 &Β Chopped Scallop Cone

The piece of toro looked nice and fresh.Β The cone looked small.

Narita Bento Box $12.95

I liked the chicken teriyaki. It was juicy and the sauce was good. The top was crispy, but the underneath was soggy, probably due to the rice. I just loved the rice and the sauce. Generally speaking, I super love rice when it’s cooked really nice, and it was cooked really nice. The kind of rice they used was good too.

There were 3 pieces of sashimi that came with the box; I think it was smoked salmon, tuna, and tai. They were okay. The cut was a bit thin though.

California roll was standard. 6 pieces. The bento box also came with miso soup, green salad, and fruit.

The miso soup was really good. It came piping hot! And there were cute little cubes of tofu, and the scallions tasted fresh!

The green salad was mediocre. The greens were very fresh, but it lacked the right sauce. And I love the tangy orange sauce that it’s supposed to have!

Popular Bento Box #1 $11.95

This bento box had chicken teriyaki and cali roll too, with tempura. It also came with miso soup, green salad, and fruit.

Overall, I don’t think I’m coming here again unless the situation called for it. For example, if we were hungry and didn’t want to walk more than a block to find a sit-down place to eat. Haha. I wouldn’t mind going here again though. It’s a great lunch spot.

The dining experience was good. Service was quick, very clean, and there’s free wifi too. (I should’ve checked out the washroom. LOL! It says a lot about the restaurant’s hygiene.) The food was okay, not impressive, but it served its purpose for lunch.

3/5 berries for food + 4.5/5 berries for service.

Thanks for reading!

<3 Nana

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