Review: Insadong Korean Restaurant

Hello lovely readers! I’ve come back from a very very long hiatus! It’s good to start writing again, and I want to share so many things with you all! First off, I’ll start off with our most recent restaurant visit to Insadong Korean Restaurant in Coquitlam.

I’ll cut to the chase. We ordered the Deluxe BBQ Combination for 6~7 people and also a separate dish that had spicy octopus, veggies, and noodles. (Does anyone recall the exact name of the dish?) Anyways, we reserved a room because we had a fairly large party of 8 people, initially, and then we had 2 more additions! x3

The Deluxe BBQ Combination was $119.99 which included 3 kinds of dishes: the appetizers, BBQ Β meats, and also BBQ seafood.

The first dishes that came were the usual appetizers that you would find at any Korean restaurant. Insadong had sweet potatoes, kimchee nappa cabbage, kimchee cucumbers, pickled daikon, and also soy bean sprouts.

I liked the kimchee cucumbers the best! They had a very nice refreshing taste to them. Overall, the other appetizers were just okay, nothing special. Personal opinons: I like the potatoes at Kyung Bok Palace better; here, it tasted like they weren’t marinated long enough here. For the kimchee cabbage, I like the ones at Hanwoori better haha. It didn’t seem to have as much of the kimchee flavour as I would’ve liked here.

The next dish that came was the Seafood, Seaweed & Jellyfish SaladΒ included in the BBQ combo set. Wooo!

Little did we know, our taste buds experienced a shock of wasabi with this dish. We totally weren’t expecting the burning nostril feel of wasabi. LOL, so that came as a surprise. The dish looked so innocent too! Looking more to the bland side and all that. Again, the cucumbers were nice and refreshing, as well as the jellyfish, though the jelly did soak up a lot of the wasabi flavour. I don’t think we finished this dish…as well as the others at least.

The other appetizer was the Radished Seaweed Roll.

Basically, this roll is a pickled veggies dish, mainly with daikons, and some cucumbers and carrots. I don’t think there was any jellyfish in this even though the menu said the roll had them. It is very strongly pickled and may be a bit too much for some people I think, but I liked it a lot. I love pickled veggies that are sweet and a bit tangy!

Another appetizer was the Seafood Non-Spicy Soft Tofu Soup which was a really good soup. We had a choice of this or Soybean Soup, and we chose this.

I love soft tofu too. The broth was very clear, and was tasty. I don’t remember what the soup tasted like, but it was good, I remember that. Seafood and salty I think? Haha.

The last appetizer was the Seafood Pancake! I didn’t get a chance to take a pic of it because it was gone immediately LOL. Chomp chomp! Didn’t realize that it came until it was being passed around. I only got to try a little piece of it, but it seemed pretty good. The pancake was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It came in a piping hot metal base too. We chose the pancake over the Bulgogi Japche, which was the other option.

So now comes the main! BBQ MEATS!! Yummm~ There were 5 kinds of meat prepared in different styles. We already put the yummiest meat, the marinated beef ribs = galbi, in the bbq right away. There’s only a little left in the pic you see; they’re the bit below the mushrooms.

It’s cooooking! YUM!

Haha, the galbi looked so tasty that I didn’t even have the chance to take pics of it cooking! And even after it was cooked for that matter! x3

On the left is the marinated beef bulgogi, which was pretty tasty. It was marinated nicely and had a lot of flavour; it was savoury and a bit sweet at the same time. Yum yum. On the right is the marinated spicy pork bulgogi. I didn’t find it spicy enough lol. I’m also guessing they had some peanut ingredients in their marinade because the meat tasted a bit peanutty. I think that addition made the spicy pork taste better than if they had just spicy. It had nice texture in flavour if that makes sense. x)

The marinated chicken bulgogi also had the same peanutty taste I think. It was tastsy. I like chicken. Lol. The marinated short ribs tasted like the galbi I think. Similar flavours hmm? The short ribs were okay. The flavour was good but the texture of the meat was a bit too tough/chewy? Maybe we cooked it for too long too. :P

As for seafood, there were only about 2 oysters, 6 mussels and prawns. They were plain, not marinated. Since we had 10 people, we really had to share these items. I would’ve rather traded the seafood for more meat if that was an option. :)

After our BBQ dishes, we also ordered a Spicy Octopus and Noodle dish for $9.99 if I remember correctly. This made us crazzyyyy!

It was so spicy! At first bite, we were all like, this is really tasty! Just enough spicy! And then, all of a sudden, this uber spicy-ness kicked in from out of nowhere and our mouths were on fire!! FIYAHH I tell ya. But this was the most fun dish we ate I think. x)

Overall, it was a good meal for dinner. On a Friday night at 7pm, it wasn’t as packed as I thought it would be. Maybe because we had a reservation in a private room that we didn’t notice. Yeah, most likely that. It’s very spacious and clean at Insadong. They also change the BBQ plate thing frequently; it’s like they know when there’s burnt stuff on the plate thing and they come at just the right time to change it!

Hope you liked this review! There’s a lot more to comeee :3


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