Make: Bunny Apple Bunnies~!

I’ve always wanted to try making these after being introduced to them through Japanese culture, eg. dramas and manga.  I made these after cooking up some super yummy, homemade rice rolls found at Cook: Yummy Rice Rolls. Hehe. The apple bunnies are actually pretty easy I think! I’m not sure if there are specific instructions on how to do this, but this is how I got it to work: 1. Slice apple. Take one apple, cut it into 6 or 8 slices, and core the slices. Or, you can also use an apple corer first, and then cut it into slices. 2. “Peel” some skin. Use a fruit knife to “peel” the apple skin about 0.2mm thick, up until about halfway through the apple slice. 3. Make the ears. Cut out a triangle shape, as illustrated in the picture. The knife I used was sharp, so all I had to do was press down once with a bit of pressure on both sides of the triangle and the piece came loose. Ta-da~! And you have your apple bunny~ The first 2 or 3 bunnies will be sort of deformed, but that’s normal. How would you eat an apple bunny, ears first? Hehe. <3 n.berry

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