Review: Fujiya Japanese Food

Hi hi! I recently ate some reasonably yummy, super inexpensive sushi from the Fujiya on Clark Drive in Vancouver. Fujiya is like a mini-grocery store catered to Japanese goods.

Walked-in to see what was in-store around 5pm on a Friday, and everything was very fresh.

We bought 5 boxes of sushi.

Starting from the top left, and going clockwise:

1. Some Salmon and tobiko roll with lettuce. Lots of yummy tobiko, the small orange stuff. Okay roll, needed to dip in some soy sauce.

2. “BC” and tuna roll with cucumber. The salmon skin they put in was really good; it was actually crispy! It also had some salmon and tuna flaked meat in the roll. A unique roll, first time I had a BC roll like this one.

3. Sukiyaki beef teriyaki roll with cucumber and carrot. THE BEST beef teriyaki roll I’ve ever had. The beef was so juicy, and just the right texture. Very fine, “julienne” cut cucumbers and carrots. FAVE roll of the five.

4. Tuna and tobiko roll with cucumber. This roll was the most disappointing I think. Had to dip in soy sauce too.

5. Salmon maki roll. As a maki, very generous with the salmon. Just the right proportion.

Comparing this sushi to another grocery store type, such as T&T, the better choice, by far, is Fujiya. Cheap yummness~

<3 nberry.

PS. Extra pics below:

Fujiya (Clark) on Urbanspoon

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