Review: Nature’s Garden Organic Deli

About a couple of weeks back, I played a game of chubby bunny~ Won 2nd place by stuffing 6 jumbo marshmallows in my mouth…yep.  And got a gift card to Nature’s Garden Organic Deli! I call it the place with the bear statue in front. Sooo~ I went there for lunch for the first time last week.

I had $10 so I decided to get the spinach quiche and a small hot chocolate, since it was a bit rainy and cold that day. The quiche also came with a small salad. (I think I had to add about $1.)

The quiche tasted just okay. Not the super best, but not super bad either. The filling was the best part I think; it had lots of spinach (I like spinach a lot) and was pretty rich/creamy/egg-y. Not sure if that’s the right word. The actual visual of the topping makes the quiche look pretty bad, even emphasizing that it was made from the freezer. Which I assume that it was.

It was really small too. So, it was a good thing that the quiche came with a small salad of mixed greens. The salad was very small too, but fresh. The vinaigrette dressing was good; it was nice and tangy, which I like.

The hot chocolate was good. Mmm, sweet and hot~!

Overall, I find that the lunch entrees here are quite expensive given the portion size they serve. They have a selection of paninis too, which I think are just as expensive. However, they do have an assortment of baked goods and coffee which are at a much better price.

<3 n.berry~

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