Review: Mui Garden

Errghh, looking at food pics this late at night is making me feel hungry! Anywayyys, I went to Mui Garden somewhat recently, to satisfy the “I want to eat out” feeling… if you know what I mean, or not!

I used to frequent Mui Garden almost every weekend. It was either Mui Garden or Western Lake for brunch/lunch since they’re close by. They’re the better choices in the neighbourhood I think.

For this visit, I came for dinner. We ordered the Hai Nam Chicken, Beef Brisket Curry, a bowl of rice, and also a red bean ice with ice cream dessert/drink. There were only 3 people including me, and I sort of ate not long ago before coming, so we didn’t want to order too much. We still had leftovers in the end.

By the time I took the pic, multiple pieces were eaten already haha.

The chicken is always very good. I get it every time we come to Mui Garden. We only ordered half a chicken this time. It comes with a bit of fried, salted peanuts and two sauces: the usual onion/ginger and also a sour pepper/garlic-y one. I like both of them.

Same with the curry, when the dish came, the curry was already being scooped out by the time I whipped out my phone cam! The dish came with a big plate of rice too.

The curry is really creamy, and gooood. Maybe oily, but sooooo yummy! I think the creaminess is partly due to coconut milk/cream because the dish has a strong coconut taste to it. Lovely~! The curry taste is only mild, so it’s not like a true curry, but it is a curry. The “hotness” from the curry seemed to come from chili oil maybe?

The beef brisket was very tender, soft, and delicious. It was super yummy to eat. The curry dish had very generous portions of the beef. I’ve also tried the curry with beef slices, as well as the one with “real” chicken (the kind with bones), and I think that this one is the best of them.

Buttt, the curry didn’t have as much potatoes or veggies as I would’ve liked. For the few potatoes present, they were super soft! Yum! Yeah…there wasn’t any other veggie beside one piece of green pepper I think haha.

The extra bowl of rice was necessary to eat up all the yummy curry sauce!

The red bean ice with ice cream was super sweet and just okay I think. …I had a feeling that the ice cream had been in the freezer for awhile. I liked it though! If only there was more to drink; there was a lot to chew haha. I would try the red bean ice without the ice cream next time.

All in all, you can’t really go wrong with Mui Garden if you order their signature dishes. The chicken is a must if you haven’t tried it before. They have yummy rice. I also recommend the brisket curry and the fried green beans, not sure if there’s more than one type though. The food is good in general, and the price isn’t bad either.

~~<3 n.berry

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