Review: Miku Restaurant

We’ve been waiting to visit this restaurant for awhile now, and we finally did! It was the perfect place for a welcome back dinner for one of our friends, who is a food lover. Hehe. The food was super delicious at Miku!

(Cool fact: Whoever owns Miku also owns another sister restaurant called Minami, which is probably why they have very similar dishes!)

We were seated at a table outside on the patio, and the whole experience was very nice, from the cool patio setting to the friendly servers to the yummy food.

Since Miku is famous for its aburi style, the sushi that’s box-pressed and flamed, we had to get some of that for sure.

Our main food orders included: Chicken Nanban, Calamari, Miku Roll, Red Wave Roll, Oxford Roll, Poke Roll, Crunchy Scallop Roll, and Salmon Oshi. We also ordered two desserts at the end: Blueberry Coconut Cream.

Chicken Nanban: “lightly fried marinated chicken, organic cabbage salad, house made tartar sauce”

The  chicken tasted soooo gooood. It was juicy and soft on the inside, with a light crisp on the outside. The accompanying tartar sauce was good too, sort of like mayo/tartar sauce but lighter and better. The chicken would’ve been great by itself too. Also, the dish came with a side of cabbage. It was nicely dressed with a light, tangy, citrus vinaigrette. This is a must try. I could eat this whole dish myself!

 Calamari: “squid, bell peppers, tosazu (a type of vinegar) sauce”

Mmmhmm. This is some of the best calamari I’ve ever tasted. I like how the dish used cute, little squid ringlets instead of the big squid rings. The batter was so light and perfectly fried. I couldn’t, and you shouldn’t, taste any of the “oily taste”. There was also a tangy, “tosazu” sauce drizzled over the calamari, which made the taste even more perfect. “Just…deep fried perfection. The batter is light and airy and there’s just enough sauce to flavor the squid but not overwhelm the seasoning,” says one of my friends. :)

Miku Roll: “salmon, crab, cucumber, rolled in flying fish roe, MIKU sauce”

I forgot to try this one, but it was very delicious! Gotta love everything with tobiko!

Red Wave Roll: “crab, avocado, wrapped in red tuna, masatake sauce (onions, garlic, soy sauce, and sesame oil)”

What I liked about this roll was the caramelized onion bits on top of the tuna. The flavours and texture of the sauce and tuna went very well together. I really liked this one because of that.

Oxford Roll: “red tuna, cucumber, green onion, wrapped in red tuna, spicy yukke sauce, topped with jalapeño”

This is another of my fave rolls. The small piece of jalapeno pepper gave it a nice kick. It was just enough to give the tuna a little something extra.

Poke Roll: “spicy shrimp, assorted seafood marinated in soy and sesame oil”

This roll was ordinary, but had nice presentation… though the lotus chips were a bit burnt. I didn’t notice exactly what seafood was in it, but it tasted like octopus and wasabi for the most part. If you don’t like wasabi, don’t get this. It’s not overwhelming or “spicy” but the wasabi is definitely there. It’s a refreshing roll though!

Crunchy Scallop Roll: “scallop, flying fish roe, aonori tempura bits”

Omg, I like chopped scallop so muchhh! This is another of my fave rolls. The texture and taste of the fried fish bits were a nice balance to those of the chopped scallops filling.

Salmon Oshi: “local salmon pressed and dressed with our chef’s own soy & Miku sauce, topped with jalapeno”

WE ALL LOVVED THIS! This is the famed boxed sushi at Miku. We even had to order an extra one at the end just to taste it again….! I really like how there are two layers of salmon. That made the sushi so much more rich and creamy in taste. The Miku sauce and piece of jalapeno just tied everything together~

Blueberry Coconut Cream: “coconut cream, blueberry & blackberry compote, mint glaze, blueberry sauce, sour cream chantilly sauce, whipped cream, coconut cookie, blueberry/lavender sorbet”

As my friend says, “holy shit this was so good.” I think that about sums everything up.

Props to my super friend Su for taking all the lovely photos this time! <3

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