Review: Ebi-Ten

We were in downtown near Harbour Center and we headed down to Robson Street to Ebi-Ten for lunch! My friend suggested this place for it’s yummy, inexpensive meals. The menu items come in generous portions that fill you up, and the service is quick! But, the store is very small, so it’s difficult to find seats for groups of 3, 4, or more… We had a group of 5 haha. There are only a few menu items, but I didn’t mind that.  The cool thing about this shop is that it’s like a real Japanese “fast-food” type diner.

I got the curry bowl and it was super yummy. Maybe partly because I was really hungry at the time, but it was good! The pork cutlet was crispy on the outside and just okay on  the inside. I think it was a little on the dry side but not so that it was bad. It could have been better if the cutlet sauce was on the side.

The taste of the curry was good. I liked it! Like how I would expect Japanese curry to taste like. It was creamy and smooth. I would have liked it even more if the curry had more veggies in it. There was very little carrots and potatoes.

The bowl came with some thinly sliced cabbage too, which I appreciated a lot! It balanced the taste and texture of the curry, rice, and cutlet. There was a looot of sauce for just the rice, so I dipped the cutlet in the sauce too. ;) The curry bowl made me so full that I had leftover rice and sauce.

I got the combo, which came with either miso soup or a pop drink. I chose the miso soup but it was less than standard…so next time, I’ll get the pop instead.

This was my second choice to order, but since three others got this bowl…yep. It was the special of the day I think. Pork (and Kimchi?) Bowl. I don’t remember what it’s called exactly, but it was good. You can see the miso soup in a styrofoam container in  the top left corner.

Yum, udon! This was the Kimchi Udon Bowl I think. It was good, but more towards the normal side. It’s more regular looking too haha.

There’s also pre-packaged sushi here and some other snack items like takoyaki, but I would definitely come back here for the other hot bowl items for lunch!

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