Review: Gyoza King

This visit to Gyoza King was from way back in the summer haha. After rollerblading around the whole Stanley Park seawall, we were dead tired and hungry. At first, we wanted to go to the Guu (I think?) on Denman Street, but it was closed!! -shock- LOL. Anyways, so we wanted to head to the next similar joint…such as the many ramen houses on Robson. We had to walk for longer than I wanted to reach Gyoza King =.= however, all my tired-ness was all solved with a good bowl of miso soup!

Yummm. The miso soup had carrot slices in it and tiny, cute pieces of tofu too! This was good miso soup.

YUMMMYYY~! I ordered this chicken ball bowl. I think it was called tsukune “ball” don? The chicken was really good, nice and crispy on the outside and super juicy on the inside. The seasoning and taste of the chicken was just right too, and not oily. The salad was fresh and it was accompanied perfectly with the sesame dressing (the kind found in gomae, the spinach thing). It came with a small egg, probably quail, that was just barely cooked, yum! The rice was cooked perfectly too! *-* I love eating perfectly cooked rice.

This was the fresh salmon don. It was quite simple but healthy and good too!

This is the tsukune skewer bowl with kimchi.  Yeah.. I’m just making the names up now. I got a taste of the chicken ball and the texture and seasoning was good, but it was a bit too salty for me. The kimchi was kimchi I’m guessing. It also came with an egg and salad in the same style as my bowl.

So this was a combo/set/box thing. I’ll call it the teriyaki, grilled saba? aka mackeral, prawn, and chicken skewer box. It was probably the deluxe box. I tried edamame, green peas, for the first time… and it was surprisingly good.

I think this was the tempura, sashimi box. The tempura was good with a light, crispy batter. The sashimi was really fresh!

Since the restaurant is called Gyoza King… why not order some gyoza. We ordered the prawn gyoza. It was good, with a whole piece of prawn inside!

I could definitely come again to try some of their other stuff. There is a cafe next door too that sells yummy sweets, owned by the same group.

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