Review: Guu Original

Okay, so I thought that I had already written a review for Guu Original but I guess I didn’t. Strange… On a tangent, if you remember my post about Gyoza King, I mentioned that we passed by two Guu on the way from Stanley Park, Kobachi and Robson. This one, Thurlow, would have been the third haha.

We went to Guu Original located on Thurlow and Robson. The space is quite small and it’s a popular dining place, so there will be a wait of about 20 minutes for prime time dinner. However, the wait staff were very friendly, as were the chefs, and the ambiance was very lively!

We ordered: Salmon Yukke, Grilled Black Cod, Sweet Shrimp Sashimi, Crispy Baby Octopus, BAked Oyster Cod Roe, Cod Roe Kimchi Udon,  BBQ Eel Rice Gratin, and “Caramari” which is calamari. Note, I looked at my receipt for the names of these menu items. Some are from the menu sheet and some are from the fresh sheet. :)

First up, Cod Roe “Kimuchi” (Kimchi) Udon: “marinated udon with cod roe, soy sauce, butter, kimchi, and green onion”

It was very ordinary. Good though, but ordinary. I wanted more of the kimchi flavour instead of just topping it off with some kimchi. It also had little cod roe in it. (The cod roe udon at Sushi Garden is super yummier) Next time, I think I’ll order the beef udon instead. Another table ordered it, and it looked way yummy.

“Caramari” Calamari: spicy squid

This was good! Nice big squid rings, light batter, lightly fried, crisp, still oily but can’t taste, just “salty” enough. It wasn’t really spicy, at least not memorably spicy. I would order this again as an appy. Remember, squeeze the lemon! :)

Salmon Yuuke: “chopped salmon w/ garlic sauce, green onion, and pine nuts”

I actually found this salmon yukke to be disappointing. There was just too much soy sauce, which made the whole thing too watery and salty. But, the salmon bits themselves tasted fresh and firm. I’m impartial as to whether they come with chips like above or roasted seaweed.

Sweet Shrimp Sashimi: aka amaebi

It was good, fresh, and standard. (The spicy ones at Suika are still the best!) Smooth texture, sweet. You can get the heads fried too if you like.

Crispy Baby Octopus: with garlic mayo

The deep fried baby octopus was super yummy! It was my third fave dish of the night! It was oily, but you can’t taste it. With a squeeze of lemon and a dip of the mayo, it was awesome. Crunch, chewy, citrus, mayo creaminess…mmm. WANT MORREEE!

Kakimayo: “baked oyster with cod roe creamy mayo sauce & cheese on top”

This dish was small and consisted mainly of cheese, egg, and mayo, with bits of corn, other veggies, and oyster. It was enjoyable and better than the salmon yukke in my opinion. It would go great with some rice as a sauce or something!

 Grilled Black Cod: miso marinated

Mmm, this was good fish. The mayo on top gave it an extra creamy, richness factor. Not necessary, but mmmm so much more comforting. It was super juicy and flavourful! My second fave dish of the night. <3

BBQ Eel Rice Gratin: with mushrooms

MY FAVE DISH. First off, I love to eat rice, especially perfectly cooked Japanese rice. The dish had all that plus lots of melted cheese, mushrooms in the rice, bonito flakes, some seaweed topping, and THAT SAUCE. It was amazingly good. Perfect comfort food. Soo good!! Everything just melted in my mouth and came together so nicely. (The sauce was a tad salty though.) ^^ I would definitely recommend this dish to try!

Thanks for reading~ And thanks to my friend OJ for taking the cool pics this time! <3

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