Review: The New Oxford Public House

Soooo, we were wandering, semi-aimlessly around Yaletown on a Sunday morning. Or Saturday, I don’t remember. Could have been Monday too actually… Anyways, we settled on brunch at The New Oxford Public House.

The ambiance of the place was pretty cool and chill. When you go in, seat yourself (: We sat at the tables with those giant, comfy chairs. It wasn’t busy at all and there weren’t many people, so it was nice for a brunch setting.

Jumping to the food right awayyy!

Eggs Benedict: w/ “London Style” sausages : benny-style eggs, grilled sausage patties, toasted English muffins, house-cut hashbrowns, fresh fruit

eggs benny

The eggs were done well with a nice, just-runny-enough yolk centre! The Hollandaise sauce was on the lighter side I think, but still creamy enough for the egg/sausage/english muffin to taste that much better. The potato hash was seasoned with just a little salt I believe, but they were roasted so perfectly that I even finished them without ketchup! I was very full after this. Yum!

Farmer’s Sausage Hash:  “grilled save-on-meats sausages, sautéed bell pepper, red onion, plum tomato, house cut hash browns, two eggs with buttered multigrain toast”


I would’ve gotten this plate after the eggs benny! Looks super yummy especially with the fried egg! This was filling too; the toast was left uneaten.

Hangover Burger: w/ rosemary fries “applewood smoked bacon, bc farmstead cheddar, pound grass fed chuck steak patty, fried egg, butter lettuce, caramelized onion, tomato on brioche bun with rosemary fries & bacon aioli”


Nowww, if I was feeling up for a more lunch-y dish, I would’ve ordered this. The fries were sooo good! They were fried wonderfully, just how I like them. Fully crispy on the outside and soft on the inside! They tasted like the “coated” type of fries if you know what I mean…or not haha. Anyways, they tasted super alone and with dip too. Oh oh! The dip was special, bacon aioli aka bacon mayo mmm. Oh yeah, this thing looked huge too.

Blackened Chicken Sandwich: “maple hill farms chicken, butter lettuce, tomato, bc farmstead cheddar, chipotle & lime mayo on a homestyle bun”

blknd chicken

I would call this a chicken burger instead of a sandwich! The chicken looked juicyy *-* And it came with the same fries as above but with regular ketchup dip. We had leftover fries in the end, even though they were so goooood.

We had a good brunch here! The ambiance was pretty cool and chill, service was on the slow side but the waitress was friendly, and the food was yummy and filling! I would come here again, maybe come and see what the night life is like.

TY to my lovely friend OJ for taking the cool pics~!

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