Review: Miura Waffle Milk Bar

Wah-wahh-wahhh… This post is one of the many uber late posts that I’ll be catching up on in December! We went to Miura Waffle Milk Bar sometime when the weather was still warm I think, I don’t remember. Althoughhhh, I do remember that it should’ve been around 4pm when we went there.

The modern cafe was empty except for a couple and us, which was good in the sense that we could get our orders faster hehe (: Also, keep in mind that there is limited seating for groups larger than 2, during busy hours especially!

Savory Waffle Sando – Bulgogi: “beef, egg sauce, kimchi & bulgogi sauce


This was surprisingly good. Maybe I’m biased though. I like to eat kimchi *-*. This was some time ago so I don’t remember the taste exactly, but for sure the waffle was fluffy and tasty. I probably could’ve had it alone. Although it was a savoury sando, I think the waffle was still on the sweet side. It was cool how the beef was sandwiched between the single layer of waffle! Mmmm, I wanted more!

Fruits & Cream – Strawberry: “seasonal fruits & pastry cream


My friend ordered this! And I would’ve too if I was going for something sweet~! Yum. Anything with fluffy cream and custard is yummy.

Cookies & Cream: “Β oreo, whipped cream & chocolate sauceΒ oreo, whipped cream & chocolate sauce


It looked better than this in actuality. The pic captured it’s yummy, sweet, messiness! I think I remember my friend saying it was too sweet. Though, I remember trying some and thought the sweetness was okay.

We also ordered some of their cold milk drinks.

Yoggy Milk – Passion Fruit:


YOU MUST STIRRRR this super well before drinking. We made the mistake of only stirring it 3/4 and had about 1/4 left of the plain yogurt to drink… it was very plain and yogurt-y. With the passion fruit flavouring it tasted just okay I thought. I would not get this again.

Yoggy Milk – Blackberry:


Made with the same yogurt as above but just with a different flavour, so same comments apply.

Overall, I think that Miura is a good snack place to come visit. It’s a cute little cafe!

Miura Waffle Milk Bar on Urbanspoon

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