The One Restaurant

We got together for the winter break and decided to head to The One Restaurant since a lot of us haven’t been here yet. They’re known for the amazingly huge slushies! *^* They would be perfect for the summer…but here we are in the middle of winter haha! We were a fairly large group so we had to make reservations. The ambiance is very casual and easy going; it was quite loud too, though in a good way. :)

Deep Fried Chicken Nugget Meal Set:
Yum Yum crispy chicken! I ordered this dish because I was in this phase of deep fried chicken everything. The nuggets were coated with just enough of flour and, surprisingly, not enough seasoning! I usually find dishes to be overly salty rather than “this could have been perfect if it was just a tad saltier” It had lots of fried basil leaves too! :)

Side Dish with Meal Set:
I forgot to mention that there was a side dish with the meal set too! Cold-dish style cucumbers and tofu with chili dressing, tomato and eggs, and stir-fried celery with ham. I believe that the sides vary every once in a while, either weekly/monthly/seasonally I’m not sure. I ate this with the rice, which, by the way, was perfectly cooked. I super like eating perfectly cooked rice, especially since it was the sushi rice kind.

Warning: The meal set is a super big serving! Despite my super liking of fried chicken, I just couldn’t finish the whole thing. And no one else seemed to be able to either. (We were all agonizing over each of our own mega-super-huge slushie bubble tea….more about that later.) I left about 1/4 nuggets, 1/2 rice.

Beef Brisket Curry Meal Set:
This was quite big too! The beef brisket meat in the curry was pretty good, nice portions and tenderly cooked. The curry was okay being the typical kind of Asian-style curry. …About 1/2 of this was left since all the carrots and peas were avoided, ahem. Eat your veggies GRR! Potatoes, carrots, peas!!

Fried Rice:
The fried rice came in a heap on a huge plate; it looked bigger than how the pic shows. I really like this kind of fried rice with lots of finely chopped green onions, and especially because of the kind of rice they used! >u> It had ham/luncheon meat, lots of green onions, bits of Chinese broccoli stems (gai lan), bits of scrambled/fried eggs, and sesame seeds sprinkled all over.

I’ll call this “spicy, thin noodle soup with pork and cucumber” *edit: it’s called “dan dan mien“?*:
I don’t know the exact names of the food dishes starting with this one because they were too far awayyy, sigh. Anyways, this looked good! But maybe a tad spicy for me? Chili oil spiced soup, preserved/minced pork, crushed peanut topping.

And I’ll call this one “dry, thick noodle with lots of pork and cucumber” *edit: called “zha jiang mien” probably?*:
I don’t like dry noodles, but this looked okay. The pork bits better have had lots of flavour in them! The same preserved/minced pork as above with sliced cucumbers on the side.

And now I’ll call this “variation of spicy soup noodle and dry noodle”: haha! LOL but no, I think this was actually Beef Brisket Noodle Soup.
It seems like the noodles are drowning in the soup… o-o Though I’m sure it was a large serving nevertheless.

Pork Cutlet (Meal Set?):
Yay, fried chicken buddy! **EDIT: so it actually wasn’t chicken but pork oops. not my chicken buddy anymore :< ** The cutlet was fried very nicely. It was crispy and not that oily. The PORK itself was a smidge on the dry side, but it was good. You have the choice of gravies, and the one above is curry gravy (I think it’s the more liquid version of the beef brisket curry)!

And lastly, I’ll call this food dish “sauce noodle with steak, carrots, cucumbers, and soybean sprouts”:

AND NOW, a series of mega-huge, mind-numbing, near 1/2 meter??? tall thing of a slushie….featuring honeydew (mine! <3), strawberry, mango with coconut jelly, and chocolate. We also ordered lychee with pearls, coconut, and passionfruit, along with a kiwi green tea (only person who finished their drink ^o^”).

DSC_1486 edit

DSC_1489 edit

DSC_1491 fix


These would be perfect for the summer… So in the end, we each left near half of the slushies…to melt to their watery blehhness. We tried very hard to finish them!!

I think that The One is a good/decent place to eat at considering what type of food they serve and the large portions of food. I would definitely come here again, but maybe in the summer next time so I can fully enjoy their gigantic slushies. That’s the one thing you must try if you visit! Enjoyyy~! And have a happy meal! (>v<)/

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