Jang Mo Jib: Korean BBQ! (Richmond)

I haven’t been to this particular Jang Mo Jib on Alexandra Rd but I have been to the one on Robson. The other time I went, it was after the annual fireworks display by the beach. From what I remember… the food was good and the service was adequate, although it was more like a “cafeteria” type restaurant.

Back to the Jang Mo Jib in Richmond! You will find that it’s quite a big restaurant and it seemed like there were two sides to it, with the entrance/pay til/kitchen inbetween. The decor is more towards the “traditional” Korean style, which was nice. You’ll also get a dose of Kpop fever from the MVs they play on TVs throughout haha.

I didn’t get the chance to take pics of all the dishes but we ordered about 10 of them! Gahl Bee, Bool Go Gee, Dahg Bool Go Gee, O Jing Uh Bool Go Gee, Jab Che, 2 Hae Mool Pah Jun, 2 Bee Bim Bahb, and Goon Mahn Doo. Okay! So let’s start with what I know haha.

Bee Bim Bahb: Rice bowl with veggies and meat, with spicy sauce on the side
This is just standard. Or actually, a little less than standard just because JMB didn’t fry the egg sunny side up. Other than that, this rice bowl is the same as most other Korean places. Don’t confuse this with the dolsot bibimbap because that’s the one with a stone bowl!

Jab Che: Potato noodles stir-fried with veggies
I thought this dish was standard too. Lots of veggies!

Goon Mahn Doo: Pan-fried pork and veggie dumplings
These were yummmmy! Just enough, lightly pan-fried and not oily. The filling was juicy and yum, with a good proportion of pork/veggie. It came with a complimenting dipping sauce too, most likely soy/vinegar based. (I wasn’t fast enough!..so two…haha)

Spicy Chicken Stir-fry (Left) and Squid Stir-fry (Right): I’ll leave it up to you to match them with the correct name ;)
The spicy chicken was yummy, but I didn’t find it spicy at all. Or maybe I did, but forgot, which means that it wasn’t spicy enough in the end anyways lolz. The squid was alright. I thought that the stir-fry dishes we ordered had the same tastes to them all…weren’t very distinct. And they were somewhat overloaded with onions, aka filler.

Bul Go Gee: Stir-fry beef with lots of veggies
Same as above but with beef. Soooooo I think they tasted similar because they were all “go gee” style.

Gahl Bee: BBQ beef short ribs
gal bee
I didn’t get to try this because there wasn’t enough to go around…which meant that we should have ordered 2! also that this dish was too small for the price we paid for it.

Hae Mool Pah Jun: Seafood pancake
SO THIS made us have to wait a super long time. It was supposed to come at the beginning of the meal but didn’t come until the very end. They forgot our huge table :( We had to flag down several waiters with no results until someone, who seemed like he knew what he was doing, came to us. We concluded that JMB is understaffed given the large size of the restaurant and the high number of customers they need to serve.

It was an okay dining experience. The food was standard but the service was poor, mostly because of the wait time for the seafood pancakes! However, we were not on a time crunch and had wonderful company so that almost makes up for it! I would debate whether I would come back to JMB because I’ve had better Korean at other restaurants in the same price range. Maybe better luck with lunch next time!

Thanks for reading~!

Jang Mo Jib on Urbanspoon

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