Restaurant Review: Zakkushi Charcoal Grill (Main St)

Dinner on a lovely Wednesday night~ Zakkushi is a cute little izakaya style restaurant with nice interior deco and a relaxing ambiance. We didn’t have reservations and it’s a small place, so we had 2 options: sitting at the bar or sharing a table. I wouldn’t recommend Zakkushi for super large groups, unless you’re thinking of renting out the whole restaurant, as there’s only one large table. Soo, we “shared” the large tableΒ but since no one else came until we were finished, we had it all to ourselves! :)

We ordered a variety of dishes but I don’t remember the names of all! Sooo the pics will show you the yumminess~!

Takowasabi (Left) & “pork in cream sauce” (right)
tako, pork
The takowasabi had small pieces of octopus, seaweed, cucumber, carrot, wasabi trunk mixed all together. The taste of the octo was very unique, kind of tangy and sweet. That’s what I remember. On the other hand, the pork had a nice creamy texture with the sauce coating. The item wasn’t on the regular menu, but the fresh sheet I believe. Both of these were cold appies.

Extra pic of the pork:

White Tuna Carpaccio: lightly seared tuna, soy-based/citrus-y sauce
This one was super yummmm. The tuna was seared just enough, tasting very smooth, and complimented by the light dressing. I would order this again! (Haha, I just noticed but it looks a little like chicken!)

Age Mochi: deep friend sticky rice flour shaped like tofu squares! with a sweet soy sauce~
Yummmmmm! >u< I never thought deep fried mochi could taste this YUM! It was perfectly fried and crispy, just enough sweet, and countered with the slightly salty/sweet sauce. I would say it’s similar to mitarashi dango, but bettttterrr!~ A must try! <3

P-Toro Yakitori: pork belly
Crispy, juicy, and just enough salty-ness. Simple and good!

Shitake Yakitori: mushroom with grated daikon topping
This was refreshing! It was the first time I’ve had shitake grilled, AND it was juicy-ish. Surprisingly yum!

“yummy beef cubes yakitori stick” (Left) & Whelk Yakitori (Mid) & Scallop Yakitori (Right)

Simply put, the beef yakitori was super juicy and tasty. The whelk yakitori, which got us wondering for a while what it was, is indeed conch aka sea snail! It was a bit funny when we were trying to guess with the waitress. The whelk tasted okay, ordinary I thought. This was on the fresh sheet too. The scallops were super yum as well, very juicy and seasoned just enough yay!

“pork yakitori with cartilage bone”
One of the more normal yakitori I think. Though it had mini bits of cartilage bone.. yum nevertheless! Chewable, but a bit awkward haha. X3

Ebi-Mayo: tempura prawn with mayo
Ebi-mayo is always goood whenever~. The one here is very tasty. The prawns were juicy, perfectly cooked, and coated with the right amount of flour giving it a super even tempura coat. The mayo sauce was not overwhelming either, which brought out the flavour of the whole prawn a lot. OMNOMNOM.

Dorayaki: Japanese cake, matcha/green-tea icecream, and azuki/red bean
Anddd a sweet end to the meal~ The green tea icecream is not too sweet and balances the sweetness of the azuki and cake! <3

We had a good dining experience here. The food aspect was very yummy! There are a lot of yakitori options at Zakkushi, as well as oden. And contrary to some of the negative diner reviews on Urbanspoon, the service was excellent and the servers were very friendly too!

Thanks for reading~

*Edit* Oops! I just realized that I forgot to take a pic of the chicken yakitori haha. I think it was called “chicken momo” or something similar! Juicy and tender mmm.

Zakkushi Charcoal Grill on Urbanspoon

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