Western Lake Chinese Seafood: A fave in the neighbourhood {3}

Western Lake on Victoria Drive is my usual spot for dim sum! My most favorite dish here is the “siu mai” pork and prawn meatball-like dumpling. They’re always so big, and juicy~! Western Lake is quite a small restaurant, so there are often long waits for dim sum on a weekend morning. It can get very busy during special dates and holidays as well!

For this dim sum outing, we actually reserved a table for 4 beforehand. I was surprised to see that the restaurant wasn’t as busy as I was expecting. We even had a bigger table, for ~6 people. Usually, I’ve observed that diners with reservations still need to go through a wait time. It’s always good to go early too, around opening! :)

Anyways, here’s what we ordered!

First came, jellyfish & pork: marinated simply in chili oil
The jellyfish was just okay. It made us sad that the jellyfish was cut up in small pieces rather than long strands :c It was only marinated in chili oil too. As for the pork pieces, you can see that they were on the more fatty side, but standard.

Deep fried squid: with salty fried garlic and onion bits
I liked the squid, it was soft and chewy…not sure if that’s the right word to describe it haha. It could have been a bit saltier because the garlic/onion bits didn’t stay on the cone-shaped squid LOL. The outer crispy batter also fell off as soon as you bit into the squid piece, but yum and not too oily.

Pan-fried rice flour rolls with pork spare ribs: soy sauce base
This is another one of my faves at Western Lake, though sometimes the quality of this dish varies. It was better than okay this time, but not the best! The rib pieces were nicely done, taste and texture, but the rice flour rolls seemed a little sticky, looking as though there wasn’t enough sauce. I still enjoyed it though~

“Ha gao” Prawn dumplings
My all-time fave dumpling since I was a kid. Here, they’re better than good, but not as good as they used to be. It seems like the shrimp paste got a little more flour-y. Funny side story, I used to be able to take the shrimp ball out first, eat that, while leaving the peel still intact as though it was still whole! Don’t know how I managed to do that then… o-o

“Siu mai” Pork and (mostly)Prawn dumplings:
pork prawn
Super big, juicy, meaty! Yummmm~ >u< That’s all I need to say.

“Ham sui gok” Deep fried pork and mushroom dumplings: pan fried pork and shitake mushroom filling inside a sticky rice flour ball
(There were 3 at first! Wasn’t fast enough haha.) They were crispy enough but didn’t have much filling, so I couldn’t really taste the wow factor. I like to eat “ham sui gok” especially because of the mix of savoury filling/slightly sweet&crispy outer shell. I would buy this from a bakery instead cuz usually, there is more of the savoury filling~

Deep fried eggplant with prawn paste (top left), Deep fried sweet yam ball (top right), & Deep fried prawn spring rolls (bottom)
Yumminess in all three dishes! The eggplant was the only veggie dish we ordered haha. And that had prawn paste too (almost everything did) LOL. It was deep fried well, a little on the oily side, and didn’t have sauce like it used to. The yam balls were surprisingly yummy and so filling! They were covered in a yummy sweet coconut flavoured sugar~! The prawn spring rolls were like usual. Crispy, a little oily, and filled with prawn only. That seems to be the theme of a lot of dishes >u<.

We also ordered a steamed rice flour roll with prawn filling. The rice flour roll was very nice and smooth, with whole-prawn filling. :)

For this visit, I felt like the service was good. Our teapot was filled when empty (with our prompt), but was reasonably quick. We had the table for quite a bit of time, longer than my usual visits, and were not rushed by the staff, even though there was a wait forming at the entrance. Sooo, good job this time around!

Happy dining! <3

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