Restaurant Review: Asakusa Sushi

GRRRRRRrrrrr, I have too many posts to catch up on so I’ll get straight to the point. The food! We visited Asakusa Sushi because the wait for Sushi Garden was just too long for lunch. My friends and I were hungry from playing some badminton nearby and yep, had to eat soon!

I ordered one of the combos on the menu, and one of my friends ordered the same too. Pictured below is the California Roll & Salmon/Tuna Sashimi Combo:


The roll was standard but good, with perfectly cooked rice. The filling was the right creaminess and crab-iness = standard but good too. (You would think that california rolls are a no-brainer….but I’ve seen some pretty yucky ones elsewhere.)

And surprisingly, the sashimi portions were huge, and fresh too. They’re comparable to Sushi Garden’s sashimi portions, possibly even a bit bigger. I would’ve like them in smaller bite pieces but oh well, it’s sashimi sooo yum :)

Next up, we have the Golden Roll (top), Mexico Roll (bottom left), and Scallop w/ Tobiko Roll (bottom right):


The Mexico Roll had spicy tuna filling with avocado. And I believe the Golden Roll had prawn tempura…among other yummy stuff. The rolls were all pretty standard and satisfying at the same time.

I think I would actually prefer Asakusa Sushi over Sushi Garden in consideration of the long wait for a table at SG. There were many open seats when we arrived at Asakusa, the tea service was good, the place was clean, and our food arrived quickly. By the time we finished, it was somewhat filled up!

Hope you enjoyed this quick review! Happy eating! :3

Asakusa Sushi on Urbanspoon

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