Restaurant Review: Earls Kitchen & Bar

This particular Earls visit was from a lonnng wayyys back but hey, since it’s a chain restaurant, the food standards should be somewhat constant/similar, or better, over time?

Our group booked abouttt a quarter of the restaurant it seemed. We came here for dinner after a viewing of Les Mis (yeah, a long time ago since it came out). I’ll just share some neighbouring pics since there was no way I could’ve reached all the way to the other wall!

Baby Calamari:
“breaded squid, sweet red onions, cucumber tzatziki”

Californian Prawn Pesto Pizza:
“house made pesto, prawns, sundried tomatoes and mozzarella, white cheddar and feta, garlic butter, hand tossed thin crust”

Bronx Burger:
“Certified Angus Beef patty, beer battered onion rings, roasted garlic aioli, red pepper relish, aged white cheddar and rocket greens, toasted sesame seed burger bun made from scratch every day”

I had a burger craving so I got a burger. It was delishh! I really liked that they used brioche buns for their burgers. Burgers taste the BEST with brioche buns. I can’t ever have the bun another way because Β the others just can’t compare! =v=

Earls Bigger Better Burger:
“made from Certified Angus beef and garnished with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, mayonnaise and mustard on a house baked bun, made in house every day”

w/ Fries
The fries were suitable for the burger. They had the right shape, texture, and saltiness. I’m usually impartial to how I like my fries as long as they’re fresh, crispy, and not too salty but I really liked these skinny fries. I was quite full after my burger, but these fries tasted “light” somehow.

Mediterranean Linguini with Chicken:
“olive oil and San Marzano tomato sauce, marinated roasted red peppers, grape tomatoes and kalamata olives, parmesan cheese and crumbled feta, pan fried tender chicken”

The food was yummy overall, and more importantly, the service was superb for such a large group as ours. The waitresses were friendly and accommodating, and I can say that we had a pleasant dining experience.

They didn’t seem to mind the spontaneously well-done outbursts of Les Mis songs from one end of our group! And, we also had a bday boy… who did that.. involving a person sitting on a chair, the bday boy and his face, and somewhere inbetween.. a drink with whip cream. And so, I recommend this Earls for their excellent service.

Thanks for reading my quickie post! Happy eats!~~

Earls Kitchen & Bar on Urbanspoon

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