Restaurant Review: Ap Gu Jung Korean

Oh dayum ._. This is Ap Gu Jung from last August, during the fireworks festival season. I passed by here during January or so, and it seemed like they were doing renovations. I wonder how it looks like now? :o (Here goes my quickie post! It’ll probably be the only one I can fit in-between my finals!)

Ap Gu Jung was open quite late, and it looked like a sports bar/pub type place. They had two levels of dining space, and we were seated at the top which was a bit quieter, somewhat contemporary deco with comfy dim lighting…and kpop music/tv sports noise in the background.

Banchan: aka side dishes. soybean sprout, potato, cabbage, seaweed
These banchan are usually preserved/pickled in vinegar, spiced up, sweetened etc. Potatoes are my fave, along with those crunchy, pickled daikon and cucumbers (), which are often spicy. Kimchi, of course, is an all-time fave. If only I knew how to make kimchi…!!

Chicken BBQ Skewers: (#12) chicken, red/green pepper, pineapple
This is a YES appy to order.

Stir-fryed Spicy Squid & Vegetables: (#38) squid, onion, mushroom, carrot
Lots of yum, spicy squid for that one dish *_* YES dish to order again.

Bibimbap: (#33) beef, soybean sprout, zucchini, shitake mushroom, daikon, lettuce, carrot, fried egg
Spicy sauce + mix, mix, mix..and TA DAA~
The bibimbap was quite good. The rice was perfect *_* And the secret to a yummy bibimbap is… lots and lots of spicy sauce!! and of course, a perfectly fried egg sunny-side up. YES for a filler dish.

Japchae: (#37) potato noodles, beef, onion, mushroom, carrot
The japchae did not look like it had many ingredients…boring. MAYBE as a filler dish.

Cold Noodles: spicy (#32) they offer regular too
This was yum! And it was on special too. Nice and cold on a hot summer night~ This was the only pic where I used flash so the egg kind of looks like it’s glowing haha. A YES dish!

We also ordered a couple of the soups in stone pots, but the pics can’t be found! They were satisfying overall. I checked Ap Gu Jung’s menu online and it seems that they haven’t changed it from before the reno.Β I will come here again! Just to see how the renos went and if the food is consistently yummy, or not! :)

Thank you for the quick read! :3 until next time~<3

Ap Gu Jung Korean on Urbanspoon

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