Konbiniya: A Sweet Covenience Store!

After our dinner at  Yakiniku-Ya, we headed back down to Konbiniya, which is a convenience store with a whole bunch of goodies imported from Japan. In addition to products, they also sell freshly made sweets and drinks! Yummy~

I ordered a Green Tea Parfait! It was so filling so I had to share some. There’s so much in this one cup! ..huge green tea soft serve, a scoop each of green tea and vanilla ice cream, green tea angel cake, azuki (red bean) paste, whipped cream, bubble tea pearls, a wafer stick, and cornflakes!!!
gt parfait
Yum overloaddd!! >w<

And here are some of the sweet crepes we ordered! -w-
Konbiniya also has a selection of other sweet goodies besides parfaits and crepes such as bubble tea, pudding, and icecream. Anddd, I’ll prefer Konbiniya over any Cafe Crepe when I’m in downtown. And if I’m in Richmond, Mazazu Crepe is my fave.

Happy happy dessert eating~!

Konbiniya on Urbanspoon

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