Yakiniku-Ya: Japanese BBQ Yea!

Soo I decided to change up the order with my blog postings! Starting with this post, I’ll share with you the most recent and fresh restaurant visits first, and then work through the others! …Also, I recently became somewhat *cough*addicted to LoL which is mainly why I haven’t been doing any reviews after exams haha.

Anyways, today’s restaurant review is for Yakiniku-Ya on Jervis x Robson St. A group of my friends and I came here because 1. I was shopping on Robson 2. Gummy & Jelly wanted Korean/BBQ/meat 3. we met up at Konbiniya (a Japanese convenient store) so it was close-by and 4. we saw an ad in the Klip magazine (an Asian-focused magazine).
grill before
We walked-in and were promptly seated in a naturally well-lit area by the entrance. I actually preferred these seats over the ones in the main dining space (dim lightling). The deco was pleasing and the ambience is great for dining with friends. :)

Sakura Combo: two person set, with rice and miso soup, and banchan
The tongue (round shape), the meat beside the tongue, and the less-fatty pork (furthest) were good. The fatty pork is especially yum when it’s a little crispy! The short-rib meat was very chewy.. much chewier than it should have been. It was even capably grilled by Lolli and Jelly who are more of food experts than I am!

Oh yes, the combo came with some banchan as well.
The potato salad was the yummiest and the kimchi was good too. The pickled cucumber and sprouts were standard. Also, they forgot our rice and miso soup until we asked for it. :(

Bibimbab (dolsot): rice with toppings, in a hot stone bowl
Here’s the bibimbab! I thought it was below standard. Although there was enough toppings and the rice crusted a little on the sides (good, if you like crispy rice) the bibimbab didn’t come with spicy sauce! …Have you ever had bibimbab without spicy sauce?? We didn’t bother asking for it either at this point because they were really missing on service.. no tong that we asked for, brought water to the table beside us (Jelly didn’t have any water after haha) super late rice and miso soup…

Seafood Pancake:
The pancake was pretty good in taste but I was disappointed that it came on a plate rather than a hot stone plate! (You can see our meat cooking in the corner hehe.) It was also a very small pancake!!

Yukke: raw beef with raw egg
Now this!! The yukke was the fave dish we ate here. When mixed with the egg, the beef had the perfect texture, and I really liked how they incorporated apple into this! It made the whole taste a little sweet yet it was savoury at the same time, and there was also a hint of spiciness which made it perfect. Mmmmmmmmmm! We couldn’t get enough of this!

Orange~! I thought it was cute how they cut it up. :3

We enjoyed the yukke dish that we ordered near the end, so although the service was lacking, we still tipped enough. The yukke was a yummy way to remember the meal at Yakiniku-Ya. Also,Β I speculate that Cho Sun (a Korean BBQ restaurant) may own Yakiniku-Ya as its front signage had “Cho Sun” printed on it. So if you like Cho Sun, you’ll probably like Yakiniku-Ya too!

Happy eating~! <3

Yakiniku Ya - Japanese BBQ on Urbanspoon

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