Golden Swan: Early Bird Dim-sum!

Golden Swan is the largest Chinese seafood restaurant on Victoria Drive. We usually head down to Western Lake for our morning dim sum but this weekend, we visited Golden Swan. It was mainly for the sake of avoiding a long wait-time! And since we haven’t visited in awhile, I wanted to compare the food, prices, and overall dining experience.

Steamed Siu Mai Dumplings (Pork and Prawn):
siu mai
These were actually quite good. I previously thought that once I tried the siu mai at Western Lake, nothing could compare, but these ones at Golden Swan were big and tasty themselves! The pic does not do the size justice ahaha.

Deep Fried Prawn Spring Rolls:
spring rolls
Spring rolls in general are a hit/miss at dim sum restaurants in my opinion. I find that they’re sometimes over-fried and too oily, and at other times, they’ve gone cold!! These were warm and crispy~ Yummy! (Two rolls were already gobbled up! Haha)

Steamed Bean Curd Wraps:
curd wrap
I usually don’t order bean curd wraps but this looked very fresh! Annddd, it was surprisingly good. The taste was simple, clear, but yummy.

Pork Spareribs:
The pork spareribs were disappointing. The pieces don’t look too bony in the pic but they were actually very bony/fatty, and there were a lot of pieces like that. I would not be ordering this again. I did like the two pieces of sugar-cube sized kabocha squash though. That was super yummy. Kabocha squash is da bomb. Now, if only there was a dish of yummy kabocha squash to order!!

Sticky Rice Wrap in Lotus Leaf (Pork and Chicken):
IMG_0528Here is the inside of the wrap!
I’m biased towards anything rice. If it tastes good I’ll like it a lot, and this was good rice. However, we very much suspected that this sticky rice wrap was “fake” in the sense that it was made with the shortcut method. This means that the the sticky rice was cooked separately and THEN put into the lotus leaf. You can tell by how sticky the rice is to the leaf; it was not sticky at all as you can see. I still liked this though! :)

Chicken Feet:
I used to always come across the dilemma of which is chicken and duck feet, but I think I’ve got it down now. The chicken feet were good, not too salty, and had yummy, soft bits of taro underneath. I prefer chicken feet because the texture is looser and it’s a bit easier to eat. With duck feet, the skin is a little closer to the bone. Oh, and this was a very garlicky dish.

Steamed Rice Flour and Donut Roll:
This was okay. I remember it being more impressive when I was a kid LOL! It’s something to try if you haven’t yet, and it’s a dish that always makes me happy, eating this. The combination of a crispy-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside Chinese donut wrapped in a smooth, steamed rice flour roll is texturally (if that’s a word) drool-worthy. It tastes great served as it is, and it also goes well with the dipping sauces (seafood sauce, and peanut butter sauce).

In revisiting Golden Swan and comparing it to Western Lake, I believe I’m now indifferent as to where I get my dim sum. The food is about the same; it’s a little bit saltier at Western Lake. The prices are basically the same; Golden Swan has early bird specials of 10 or 20% off depending on when you dine. Regarding seating however, Golden Swan trumps over Western Lake. The seating is a tad more spacious at Golden Swan when comparing to Western Lake (cramped). Also, if you dislike waiting in line for dim sum, Golden Swan may have the lesser wait time.

My tip for when you have dim sum, anywhere, is to arrive early! I find that the overall dining experience is better; the waitresses and waiters are friendlier, the staff are more attentive, and there’s close to no wait for food hehe. Basically, it’s better service.

Happy dim sum eats~!

Golden Swan Restaurant 金天鵝海鮮酒家 on Urbanspoon

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