Lucky’s Donuts: Made Fresh! By 49th Parallel

Recently, I saw lots of yummy donut pics on my Instagram feed andddd guess what!? They were all from Lucky’s Donuts! Once I knew, I just had to go check them out since the donuts looked so good~ Here’s a quickie! We came here for a snack and these are what we ordered:

The tiramisu donut was very yummy and sweet, and I liked it a lot! I think that it might have been a special selection because I didn’t see it on their online menu. Anyways, it’s a cream filled dough-type donut with a cream glaze. The dough was soft and had enough “bounce” (that’s my word to describe the texture ha!), and the cream filling had just a slight, subtle hint of coffee.

Coconut Bismarck:
“Coconut cream filled Bismarck with a vanilla glaze, topped with Swiss meringue and toasted ribbon coconut.”

The coconut bismarck was also yummy! I liked the Swiss meringue on the top; it was very well done. This donut is not as sweet as the tiramisu but it’s still sweet overall. The coconut was also a cream-filled, dough-type donut with the same soft and bouncy texture as the tiramisu, but had a cream filling with a subtle hint of coconut.

If you’re wondering about whether you should give this a visit or not, you’ll definitely want to try Lucky’s donuts at least once. They’re much much better than your average donut! Lucky’s also has plenty of seating, and it looked like a comfy spot for studying as well as meeting up to chat over some coffee.

Happy donut hunting!~

Lucky's Doughnuts on Urbanspoon

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