Soho Tea Room: Sweet Snacks!

Before Soho Teahouse, we ate at a friend’s major-meat-filled BBQ at Stanley Park and so, we only intended to order drinks. Soho has an expansive list of drinks to choose from, AND you can also create your own drink aka DIY bubble tea with an option of spiking it up! It’s the only bbt joint I know of in Vancouver that offers this; I have yet to try it!

Here is one of the special bubble tea that Soho serves, called “Tinkerbell” :)

It’s made of strawberry, pineapple and coconut, with strawberry being the dominant flavour. It was a fruity, milky, slushie drink!

For our food items, we ordered from one of their many many menu sheets, the sweet/dessert combos section!Β These are what our food items came with! One complimentary hot drink with the purchase of one dessert/sweet item.

Hot milk tea and horlick shown below.
hot milk tea
The milk tea had enough of the “bitter” tea taste and also enough of a “dense” milk taste, just how I like it.

When the horlick came, I thought it was hot milk haha. Anyways, our sweet food is here~

Singapore Fortune Wheel:
fortune wheel
I’m not sure if there is an actual snack like this in Singapore…let me know! The round wheel pieces you see are similar to french toast, with an extra layer in the middle. There’s a small amount of custard filling inside, with raisins in it too (that, or it was raisin bread). And on top, you see a huge scoop of 4L-bucket vanilla icecream :) So basically, it tasted like french toast with icecream.

Next up, came our two toast boxes. The first one is a condensed milk box, and the second is strawberry. The main ingredient is yummy honey coated bread!
Now, the condensed milk toast box looks much better made because you can’t see the contrast between the slowly melting icecream and strawberry syrup. Hahaha..Btw, the toast boxes were huge! Or, at least they felt that way since we did come straight from a BBQ.


This was only my second time having a toast box but I thought that Soho did a good job of making it. The mini “pillars” of the “house” (as we liked to call them) were toasted just right with enough toastiness and softness on the outside/inside! Hehe. The amount of honey was also just right. At my last visit elsewhere, some pillars were burnt and over-honeyed…

It was too bad we could’t finish the “walls” because the bread was quite nice and soft and yummy. Oh, and we ordered strawberry but there was only half a piece of strawberry and no other fruit at all LOL so we felt like they went skimpy on that. But! I would come here for a toast box again :3

Soho also has a wide variety of cafe style foods you can order, and although their food is okay, I mainly recommend their drinks which are super. I’ll add my post about their food soon!

Happy hunting for yummy food! <3

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