Hansik Korean: That Yummy Homemade Taste

Hansik Korean Restaurant. Based on my dining experience at the restaurant a couple days ago, I am definitely coming to eat here more often! Where do I start. The food of course.

There were 3 banchan that came: the nappa cabbage type kimchee, sweet potato cubes, and pickled daikon chunky sticks. I liked their kimchee a lot! It tasted refreshing and the flavours were crisp.

Japchae Platter: Sorry the dish looks messed up haha. We were all too eager to dig into the food, mainly my fault haha.
This is THE best japchae I’ve ever had. I haven’t been to Korea but this beats out all the japchae I’ve had so far at restaurants in Vancouver/Richmond/Burnaby. Japchae is basically a mix of veggies stir-fryed with potato noodles. For the one here, we see carrots, onions, “wood ear” mushrooms, and slices of bulgogi beef; I think it was topped with slivers of fried egg whites too. What I loved about eating this japchae was that the noodles were perfectly stir-fryed to a bouncy, chewy texture. It was my fave dish of the three. It was a yummy savoury dish with a little bit of sweetness.

Bulgogi Beef Platter: with some potato noodles!
Following, the bulgogi beef platter was just β€œokay” haha. The japchae was tooooo amazing. But really, the bulgogi was quite yummy too. I found the beef tasting a little too drenched in bulgogi sauce though it was good!

Choosing between the japchae and bulgogi, I prefer the japchae because it had the same bulgogi in it, and the potato noodles in the japchae had a much nicer texture than the ones in the bulgogi. A dryer, more stir-fryed bulgogi plate would be cool to try.

Bibimbap: rice bowl with toppings
This bibimbap rice bowlΒ can be considered a standard dish at Korean restaurants in Vancouver. Unlike all the previous bibimbap I’ve had at other establishments, this is the first time where I’ve had the rice in a separate container from the toppings. I found it kind of cool. You can see the rice-filled metal bowl in the corner of the pic.

Despite its small-looking size, there was actually quite a bit of rice in the tin. The toppings were standard and they did not fall short of anything; it was very fresh. And this might sound funny, but I really liked Hansik’s spicy sauce that came with the bibimbap. It was spicy like you would expect, but it also tasted a tiny bit like BBQ sauce haha. Mix, mix, mix!

To wrap it up, I must say :) Hansik is an excellent restaurant to dine at in the neighbourhood, in terms of both food and service. We arrived about 45 minutes before their closing time and they served us until we finished our meal, which was beyond the closing time by about 20/30 min. Thank you for not rushing us for staying past your opening hours! I must come back and eat more of your delicious japchae.


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